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Why Down to Earth?

Down to Earth is about making trustworthy climate impact accessible and valuable for our customers.

Bjørnulf Tveit Benestad

From the start

Down to Earth entered the space of carbon removal prior to the "birth of the carbon removal market" in 2022.

In these years we have built a severe knowledge in the field, in our mission to bring carbon removal to companies, and companies to carbon removal.


What makes Down to Earth special? Based on carbon removal through biochar, we deliver a market leading climate service. With Down to Earth create your own and tangible carbon story. Our customers store carbon on their own roof top gardens, at a farmer in their own value chain or local community, or in the constructions they are building. Some would call it project development. We call it carbon removal with physical delivery, made possible by how we treat the physical substance of biochar.

An extra value is added in the fact that biochar contributes to both soil improvement, increased soil biodiversity and climate adaptation. Based on our customers wish, we find the right location for storage.


All our carbon removals leads to verified carbon credits from an internationally recognized carbon removal registry, in addition to the fully documented journey of the carbon from "cradle to grave".

For our carbon removal service we have a general set of quality criterias. For biochar we also have our own quality requirements based on the strictest methodologies and certifications available.


Removing carbon shouldn't be difficult. To be part of everybody's everyday life, it should be both easy to grasp and understand, and easy to execute.

At Down to Earth, all we need is a number. Then we ask you if you have any preferences on location. Depending on your answer, we take it from there. As a treat, to help you start the conversation with your friends, we may hand you a little glas container filled with carbon, so that you may show your friends, colleagues, partners, customers and loved ones what real black carbon looks like.