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Take action against climate change, move carbon down to earth and make a real difference in a trustworthy and valuable way!

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Initiate additional carbon removal with biochar, follow your carbon from air to soil and decide where you want it stored. The third party verified climate credit is your proof of action.

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Become part of our movement of carbon removing companies. Our network represent frontrunners in the effort to mitigate climate change

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Subscribe to our monthly carbon removal offer, and remove carbon continuously. Predictable for both you and the carbon removal value chain, and a contribution to scale the biochar industry

Subscribe to remove one tonne of carbon annually
Subscribe to remove one tonne of carbon annually

Get started, quickly! Our starter package for 890 NOK per month gives you 1 tonne of CO2 equivalents removed from the atmosphere and stored with one of our climate farmers, full data access, and use of information and marketing materials.