About us

Have you ever felt that when facing climate change, storms, floods, drought, and scary numbers, you would like to have the possibility to act? We have, and that’s what Down to Earth is all about.

Down To Earth is a company founded to make tangible carbon removal solutions accessible, verifiable and valuable - to help achieve a balanced climate.

We believe that every business, regardless of size and resources, should have the opportunity to take action against climate change and make a real difference - with no bullshit.

biochar in glass container
tractor spreading biochar in field
biochar in hand

Quality criteria

From cradle to grave - Our Quality Requirements for Biochar Carbon Removal

Before the carbon absorbed by plants can be safely stored in the soil with a verified climate effect, it undergoes several processes and quality checks. We take quality and transparency seriously.

We are a C-sink trader

We are endorsed as a C-sink trader by the Carbon Standards International. This is providing our customers with increased transparency and a more effective transfer of carbon credits.

This is our team