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Our quality criterias

Removing Carbon with Down to Earth works because we don't cut corners. These are our quality requirements to ensure climate impact

1. We only offer carbon removal with high financial additionality, which means that carbon removal and storage are dependent on your purchase to be realized.

2. The carbon must be stored stably and long enough to make a difference. The most conservative estimate on biochar carbon removal permanence is 100 years.

3. Storage must be irreversible - human actions or accidents should not be able to cause a leakage.

4. Each CO2 molecule should only be counted once, by one party. Double counting or double accounting shall not occur.

5. Measurements should be comprehensive, documenting from cradle to grave based on recognized methods - with conservative estimates.

6. All data should be shared with the customer, and everything we do should be verifiable and auditable by an independent third party.

7. We will constantly work to improve solutions, processes, and systems beyond their current state.

8. Our climate solutions should not have unintended negative effects but rather contribute to positive environmental and social impacts.

Read our quality requirements for biochar carbon removal.

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