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The work of removing carbon begins now

The UN climate report leaves no doubt that we must now start retrieving carbon from the atmosphere. It needs to scale massively, and the work begins now.

Anders Waage Nilsen

It has taken time to grasp the latest UN climate report fully. The message is so dramatic that it goes beyond what we, as humans, can comprehend. To stay below 1.5 degrees, global CO2 emissions must be halved by 2030. That's only seven years away. And it's not enough: we must reach net zero within 30 years. Is there hope? Yes. But from now on, expectancy is measured in tons. Unfortunately, it's no longer enough to cut emissions regardless of the scenario; in the coming years, we must begin large-scale carbon removal. In the coming years, I need to retrieve carbon from the atmosphere.

The work is underway!

This work is starting now, and it is precisely to accelerate carbon removal that the company Norsk Karbonlagring has been established. We collaborate with biochar producers and farmers to bring CO2 back and store carbon in agricultural soil. The key to achieving this is responsible businesses willing to off unavoidable emissions.

Our process is half the work, and the amount of carbon can be estimated and controlled precisely. Trees extract carbon from the air, and residual material from forestry is industrially converted into stable carbon in biochar, which can be stored in agricultural soil. Biochar requires no added energy and improves soil quality.

Simple and profitable carbon removal

Norsk Karbonlagring's role is not to produce carbon removal itself but to build up the carbon removal market. We enable small and large companies to balance their carbon footprint credibly and profitably. We make it good business to be a carbon remover!

To make it easy to start, we have established a subscription scheme where businesses can remove 1 ton of carbon for 890 Norwegian kroner per month.

We also assist in incorporating carbon removal into products and services so that end customers can share the costs. We also provide marketing materials.

purchaseIn our model, you are purchasing more than a credit and fully finance production, including administration and transportation to the storage site. We have established a network of carbon farmers who help safely store the biochar in agricultural soil.

Small customers make a big difference. Our model is unique. In the rest of the world, only giants like Facebook, Shopify, and Stripe buy carbon removal credits. We turn responsible everyday businesses into carbon removal buyers and contribute to documentation and collaboration throughout the value chain.

We simplify the process so responsible businesses can lead the way in carbon removal efforts. Each contribution may not seem significant, but collectively, companies like SR-bank, Bergen Kaffebrenneri, Rygge Meieri, Lauget, and Lystgården are making a big difference. So far, they have collectively removed 100 tons of carbon. In the future, there will be many, many more!

So yes, the climate report is a bleak reading. In the future, we will measure hope in tons. But the response we are experiencing in the market now makes us believe this transformation is possible.