Carbon added to Soil at Magnor, Norway, on behalf of Vestre AS

Compensate for your unavoidable residual emissions.

Climate-conscious businesses can choose to make a positive contribution to the climate by offsetting their emissions through purchasing durable biochar for carbon removal.

If you are serious about your climate transition work, you cut wherever you can, in line with the recommendations from standards like the Science Based Targets. If your company's ambitions stretch further you also integrate carbon removal into your climate strategy. DownToEarth offers fully funded and certified carbon removal through biochar to balance your unavoidable residual emissions.

The prerequisite for offsetting emissions through us is that you are a paying subscriber to our basic package and have third-party verified emission figures. If you lack such statistics, we can offer excellent assistance through our partners.

If we know your emissions, we can confirm that you have removed an equivalent amount of carbon. You can also use our mark to confirm that your company has balanced its emissions.

Our carbon removal is not cheap, as the carbon removal market is riddled with many dubious actors. Our holistic approach requires producers to meet social and environmental justice demands in addition to delivering durable carbon credits. We have stringent quality requirements; we fully fund production and have only use EBC-certified producers. To prevent unintended harm to the natural environment, we set requirements for the biomass used in production. The carbon is traced all the way to storage in agricultural soil. The guarantee time for permanence is 100 years, but most reports suggest a much longer storage effect.

Our job is to ensure that your climate commitment becomes a competitive advantage, not a mere indulgence. Therefore, we assist you with communication, customer involvement, and integration into your value chain or local community. If you wish, you can choose where your charcoal will be stored. Unlike many others, your purchase will initiate new biochar production. In this way, we contribute to providing the carbon removal industry with the necessary conditions for growth."

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