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Vestre removes carbon - sequesters it on their own factory rooftop!

We are delighted to announce that Vestre has partnered with Down to Earth in our mission to combat climate change by removing carbon from the atmosphere!

Jesper Backer Lemming

Vestre's international success is not only due to their distinctive furniture designs but also their long-standing leadership in sustainability. They have been proactively working to decrease their products' carbon intensity, seeking solutions to decarbonize across their entire value chain and removing hard-to-abate emissions with high-quality carbon removals.

Vestre has for a long period of time been a leader at the sustainability field in Norway. We are proud to support them further in that part of their work!
- Bjørnulf Tveit Benestad, CEO of Down to Earth

Vestre's commitment to Down to Earth has led to the removal of 74 metric tonnes of CO2e, which will be sequestered locally — by farmers near their innovative factory, The Plus in Magnor, and some on the factory's rooftop.

This initiative turns our carbon removal efforts into a compelling narrative that showcases Vestres dedication to make both global and local impact. The fact that carbon removal improves soil health, enhances food security, provides tangible benefits to our local community.
- Øyvind Bjørnstad, Chief Sustainability Officer, Vestre
The biochar shipments has already dispatched, and we are exited to see how it will affect their nearby soil in the years to come!
- Bjørnulf Tveit Benestad